AwareDreams is a group committed to developing Games for Digital Devices. The group consists of game industry professionals who are or have been working on dedicated game projects. For a new projects development teams are established out of former group members and/or new enthusiastic game developers.

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Released Projects

Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn

Idea and Concept:   Norbert Nopper
Project Lead:   Jochai Papke
Game Design:   Jan-Eric Lauble
Jochai Papke
Lead Programming:   Jochai Papke
Programming:   Norbert Nopper
Matthias Ramp
Joachim Hirsch
Graphics and Design:   Jan-Eric Lauble
Caroline Wick
Level Design:   Jan-Eric Lauble
Matthias Ramp
Sound:   Markus Weinhold
Bogus III